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300x250-to-do-list-wordpress-plugin-membership-sitesLast month we launched our 1st WordPress plugin! This WordPress plugin is called “To Do List Member”  This plugin is pretty simple but is a very useful productivity tool for anyone wanting to keep track and view the progress of any type of task list you create using WordPress. We created it first for people running WordPress membership sites, however it can be used for any purpose you’d like.

To Do List Member Features:

  • easily create unlimited to do lists and tasks for each list for any type of project
  • uniquely presents the the to do list for any of your members of your club, membership program, etc..
  • any time a member logs into their account they will see their own, unique to do list checklist to follow
  • progress bar is presented and dynamically updates for the user/member anytime the check box is marked
  • to do list categories and tasks can easily be created using the same knowledge you have creating a blog post and blog category. We used the same WordPress structure/taxonomy so you don’t have to learn a whole new skill set using the plugin. It’s very easy to use.
  • each to do list task can expand or collapse to show or hide the details of the task for to do lists. This is especially great for long to do lists.
  • uniquely present to do lists and tasks separately on any page or posts anywhere on your site, including sidebars.
  • it’s multi-site compatible! So the plugin can be used on an unlimited number of WordPress sites within your one multi-site WordPress install.

To Do List Member Screenshots:

Example of a To Do List with none of the check boxes marked and all task content collapsed:to do list member wordpress plugin - checklist-1

This is an example of what the progress bar looks like after you mark one of the check boxes. The progress bar updates immediately and displays the percentage complete. Also you’ll see the task content is now expanded:

to do list member wordpress plugin - checklist-dynamic-progress-bar

This is an example of how the to do list appears after all check boxes are marked displayed the full percentage of tasks complete:

to do list member wordpress plugin - checklist-dynamic-progress-bar-complete


Download To Do List Member Worpress Plugin by clicking on the image below:




View Changelog Here




  1. Aloha! Nice plugin. Is there a way to reorder the tasks besides changing the publish date? It looks like it’s displaying in the usual last posted – first listed order. Thanks!

    • There will be soon. In the next release that will be possible along with a few more features as well that will be pretty cool. Thanks Akamai

  2. Noritaka971 says:

    nice Plugin!!
    Some little correction for next update :
    - add Return Carrier in ‘+’ deploying description
    - Possibility to reorder task in a same categorie

    Thank for this plugin

  3. hi, thank you for your nice plug-in.
    i have some questions.
    now every visitor can edit the check-box.
    i want to give a right of editing the check-box only to me(administrator).
    i tried to fix it(editing “form_todolist_user.php”file.) but i failed.
    please let me know how to do this.

    • This plugin at the moment doesn’t have user levels so you’d want to either place the checklist inside of a membership area or password protect the page or make the page/post you have it on accessibly only to the people you want to give access to. Thanks for the feedback though. I’ll put your request on the list to implement in the future!

  4. Hi cool plugin I have one question though.

    How can you see what users have completed certain tasks? I created my tasks and assigned them to the /tasks page. I have the progress bar and tasks listed underneath the progress bar… but how do I know what users completed the tasks>


    • Matt,
      Thanks for your question. You can see what users have completed certain tasks if you create an admin progress bar page since it auto-updates after the checklist is marked. Hope that helps.

      • Hi

        I am probably being slow – but have the smae question as Matt. I really like the simplicity of the plugin, but wondered if there was a way of seeing which users had checked that that had completed certain tasks. I am not sure how to create an admin progress bar page? Can you link to any instructions? Thank you for a cool plugin!

  5. I would like to say thanks for the pluggin but I have noticed a few issues. My first issue is that I was not able to add multiple progress bars without the second one affecting the first. My last question or request would be is there a way to change the settings of the progress bar such as color.

    Again this was a very helpful tool thanks.

    • The plugin successfully presents unique progress bars so if it’s not doing that for you, you may need to take a look to see if there is a conflicting plugin or theme you are using. And you can change the color of the progress bar by uploading a new image to the images folder. In future release I’ll include easy to change settings in the admin area for this aspect. Thanks!

  6. Hi! I am having trouble using the plugin on a page/post. When I click the buttons it gives me a dialog box but it always comes up blank. I’ve tried it on Safari 6.0, Firefox 23.0 and Chrome 28.0.1500.95 — all with the same result. I doubt it matters, but I’m on a mac. Any insight or tips are appreciated!

    • Hi Erin. Thanks for your comment. Many times the theme and/or plugins you’re using many conflict with things. So I would troubleshoot the theme and plugins you’re using to see if that resolves the problem. Let me know okay. Thanks again

  7. Love this! We want to try to create a charting system on days of the week, is there a way for people to print their list progress and turn it in? Is there a developer we can contact and pay for some customization? Trying to create columns and rows (like a table) to check off daily tasks over the course of a 3 month period…. make sense? Thanks so much for your help! Loved what we have done so far with it.

    • Thanks for the feedback Ryan. There’s not a built in method of printing the to do list, but you can print it off using print screen, or using a screen capture using your browser, such as LightShot for Chrome or Firefox. And you can contact me directly to pay for customization using the contact form on my website. And if you want to create a table you can use TinyMCEAdvanced WordPress plugin to easily create tables and then from there you’d insert the short code into the tables using my ToDo List plugin assuming that is what you’re looking for. If not just contact me and let me know and I’ll give you a quote.

  8. kuahmelcher says:

    Hi Trent!

    Really great plugin – congratiulations! Clear and simple!

    I got a small wish: currently everybody can edit the status of checkboxes. Is it possible, that only registered users are allowed to change the checkbox-status? And for all others the side ist set to read-only?

    Thanks a lot!

    Greetings, Kuahmelcher

    • Hi Kuahmelcher,

      Thank you for your comment and feedback. Only the admin and/or current user when logged in to his/her account can edit the to do list. If the user logs out the user and the public can no longer edit the to do list/progress bar details. Are you logged out when you are testing? Give that a try okay. And for the side are you talking about the sidebar right? If so you can use the Widget on Pages plugin and use a short code to paste inside of a text widget to present the progress bar on any page. If you want to present the progress bar and/or checklist on specific pages I use the plugin called “Widget Logic”. Thanks!


      • kuahmelcher says:

        Hey Trent – thanks for your reply!

        I gave it a try – but it still does not work. For editing the tasklist i have to be logged in, that’s OK. But the status of the checkboxes (the check marks) can be manipulated by everyone else, even when its a guest. Thats not good – for my special assignment.

        For your background informations: i’m trying to set up a school-site, where all the contents for one school year are listed. The trainees (=guests) should be informed by check-marks, what contents are done already. You can imagine: the worst case is, that they can check the boxes by themselves ;o)

        Is it possible to disable the checkboxes for guests?

        I know, that this ist not a classic todo-list, but i like your plugin more than others. So it would be fine to solve that “problem” somehow.

        I hope, that my bad-english does not confuse you too much :o)

        Thanks and greetings, kuahmelcher!

        • Hi Kuahmelcher,
          The checklists are specific to each user. If you have a general login for multiple users then the tasklist will not show for every user because only one global user account is being used. Each user should have their own account login and then when they see the checklist it will show unmarked for them so they can uniquely update their progress for each specific checklist.

          If you’re operating a school site then I would recommend using LearnDash wordpress plugin. I use the same plugin and is ideal for people operating sites for schools, colleges, or anyone wanting to creating a great learning environment for people/members. Here’s the site for learndash:

          Hope that helps :-)

          Take care


  9. Hi!

    Great plugin!

    But how do I (as admin) see what other members have checked. I I give the page with the checklist premission to both me and another user it only shows my checkings and not the one that the user have made. Is there a way?

    I saw that you tried to explain that before but I don’t understand what you mean… :)

    • Hi Karolina,

      Thanks for your comment/questions. Currently there’s not an admin snapshot that shows the progress of each user; that functionality is in the queue to be programmed and will be released in the next version update so stay tuned okay. Meanwhile the work around I would suggest is creating a page that is dedicated to presenting the progress bars only for the specific to do list you’ve created. From there you can see a snapshot of the progress of each to do list but this would only pertain to your account when logged in since you’re the admin. The database is updated based upon the user account so the user needs to be a part of your current site membership if that makes sense. Just let me know if you have other questions. Thanks

  10. Is there a way to display just one task on a page? instead of showing the full list? Thanks, N

    • Hi Nick,

      Yes. Create a task category for your task and then create a todo list item, assign it to the category and then use the shortcodes to display the to do checklist on the page or post of your choice.

      • Thanks for your quick response! But my problem is I have a Category called ‘Fruit’ and within that I have 3 tasks, ‘orange’, ‘apple’ & ‘banana’. What I have is a page called ‘Fruit’ with the entire list on [todolists_tasklist id="1"], But then I want a page called ‘Apple’, with ONLY the apple checkbox from the list, is this possible or will it take some tinkering?

  11. I love this plugin. Thank you!

    I created a rough draft of a widget that extends the plugin here:

    Please feel free to incorporate the code into your plugin if you’d like!

    • Well thank you Toby, appreciate the comment and the code developed for the widget add on, nice! I also just sent you an email directly about a few questions okay. Talk soon

  12. Ok I have it figured ut and I used member mouse to make it visible to only a certain membership level. I used the short codes on a page and then set it to the membership level i wanted it to be viewed by. However when i logged into one of my new user accounts i did not see the progress par updating when I checked a box? Do you know how I would fix this?

    • Nice work Rayne :-) The progress bar should automatically update where ever they are placed. If it is not you may have a conflicting plugin somewhere you’d need to troubleshoot.

  13. I mean to say progress bar! it does not update for me? Ahhh! I hate to type. – Rayne :)

  14. Is it possible to have the progress bar reflect the entire progress of the checklists? For example, I have 5 separate checklists on one page and would like the progress bar to reflect the total completion of all of those checklists combined. As of right now, the only way I know how to do that is to create a separate progress bar for each individual checklist, and this gets cluttered when I have several checklists on one page.

    • Hi Ronnie,
      At this time there is no global progress bar to display for all task lists, but I will put that on the upcoming release to implement. At this point you would have to use the shortcode for each task list on one page to see the progress for all your task lists.

  15. Great plugin!
    Is there a way to not have the small “+” sign show up after each task?

  16. I just installed WP-Project Manager (including Frontend) and noticed that the Tasks option (for To Do List Member) is now not available in Admin. I have a feeling the plugins may have a conflict. I would like to use both (your solution for subtasks within a page and WP-Project Manager for overall project management), but if it is not possible, I can choose one. Have you run into this issue before? Thanks.

    • Hi Jim. Thanks for the comment. I haven’t used Wp-project manager before. Usually if there’s a conflict it’s because of a plugin so yes, I would first troubleshoot the issue starting with your plugins. The next version of this plugin is about to come out over the next couple weeks, so look out for the update. It may very well resolve the issue you’re experiencing!

  17. Hi there, I really like this plug-in and want to use it. I noticed the announcement: “The plugin generated 275 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.” after activating it, and soon after was getting this message when I tried to click into a couple links: “Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home1/simpatic/public_html/wp-content/themes/Divi/header.php:4) in /home1/simpatic/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 896.” Help? Is this related?

    • Hi Abbie. Thanks for your comment. That error appears to be related to your theme you’re using. I would suggest using a different wordpress theme such as “responsive” by cyberchimps. It’s free. From there test it out okay. I use the todo list plugin on many sites of my own and haven’t had an issue.

  18. is there any way to show my checked items to all users?

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