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Trent Jessee (Founder & President of Watchman Advisors, LLC)

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And why would they want to buy from you? Well, because you’ve worked your tail off creating a product and/or service that SOLVES a problem for someone. You’re in the business of making people’s lives easier. And that’s why people are going to buy from you if they haven’t already…but HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE can you reach and help? This is where tapping into the paid advertising networks can literally liberate your message and have the power to reach hundreds, thousands, even millions of people just itching to see and buy your offer.

Can you answer “Yes” to any of the following?

  1. Have you found or created a message, product or service that deserves to be in front of a great audience?
  2. Do you lack the time and or knowledge to get your ideas or business in front of the people who care about it?
  3. Are you wanting to maximize your advertising spend and gain great exposure?
  4. Would it be valuable for you to have an expert in the industry create, manage and grow your advertising campaigns to make your life easier and more profitable?

Trent JesseeHi, I’m Trent Jessee and I would like to be your personal internet marketing consultant in the paid advertising space on the internet. I’ve worked with hundreds of amazing business owners just like you with acquiring and retaining new customers along reaching their revenue goals. When you hire me to take care of your paid advertising campaigns you can trust that you’re working with someone who is walking the talk. Instead of dealing with a corporate outfit that gives you less than mediocre results and requires you to work with inexperienced college students who take care of your account, take the better, productive path and consider me to help you out instead. I know what I’m doing and do this every day for a living. When you need help you can rest assured that you’ll always be able to speak to the same person managing your account to greater levels of success. I can guarantee that I will always watch after your best interest.

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Recent Testimonials:

DP ProfessionalI’ve known Trent for more than 5 years, and just hired him to do my website design and SEO & PPC. In one weeks time I’ve already acquired $250 of new business by spending $12.85 on our Google PPC campaign. Not a bad ROI! He’s managing my whole campaign: logo design, website design, PPC & SEO. So glad I have an expert on my side. Trent’s response time to my emails, input, questions, etc. is amazing! Seriously light speed fast, great customer service! I highly recommend using Trent.

billI have always enjoyed learning and internet marketing has fascinated me but working with Trent has taken my level of knowledge, excitement and results to a new level.

I now have 5 different websites running in areas as diverse as Damp Proofing, through to Antiques, Hair Loss and Investment Products. All of which are yielding great returns. The 3 following sites have generated over £80K (circa $120K) in sales!
I predict this will rise to nearer £220K over the next 12 months.

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Who is this service ideally for?

  • Small Business owners wanting to maximize R.O.I. and boost exposure to a product/brand/service.
  • Anyone wanting to quickly gather feedback on an idea or product/service.
  • Small business owners with clear customer acquisition goals wanting precise targeting in marketing.
  • Local service & brick an mortar businesses desiring to expand.
  • Anyone wanting to discover what paid advertising methods work best for them online.
  • Bloggers and website owners who want to quickly discover what keywords to use for their SEO campaigns.

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What Paid Advertising Systems & Networks do I Use?

While there are literally thousands of paid advertising approaches to take, here are the top paid methods I employ for you depending on the package you choose:

  1. Google Adwords: Google is by far the biggest advertising gorilla in the world. So if your type of business model makes sense to use Google then it’s definitley a must have.
  2. Bing Ads: while this advertising system isn’t nearly as large as google it can be helpful and sometimes cheaper to generate traffic from bing.
  3. Affiliate networks: sites such as shareasale, jvzoo, clickbooth, sitecout, adknowledge and many other sources that I’ve gathered and used can be used to exponentially boost your ROi and get you a TON of traffic.
  4. Local advertising networks: here in Utah one of the most popular internet advertising spaces is at which is an example of a local advertising portal to tap into.


Q: How can some of my competitors who pay more for PPC make more money than me?
A: It’s because they understand the true value of a customer and work to increase the customer’s value after they acquire the lead info. In other words, they raise the customer value and have a true picture of customer worth, then they make much better bid decisions. I can’t count the times I’ve seen a company say “My competitors must be losing money — there’s no way they can afford to pay that much”; and sometimes I’ll know the other side (of course, I can’t say that) and that they aren’t losing money. In reality, they have great lead nurturing, upsell, and customer retention programs that make their customer worth more.

If your competitors are making more money than you from a PPC lead from Google or elsewhere then they have a better lead nurturing system in place. When a prospect comes to your site the first time they have very little trust and in you and your brand. This is why it’s so important to present a compelling reason WHY they should buy from you and WHAT they are going to get as a result of buying. Once the lead decides to move forward with the next step it’s up to you to take care of that person and create value for him or her. This is called lead nurturing. If you don’t have a lead nurturing system or plan in place then you need to get one ASAP. The sooner you do the better profits you’ll see because your entire business is rested upon helping people improve their lives instead of just collecting their money one time and dropping them like a sack of potatoes. So to increase your profit per lead implement a superior lead nurturing system in your business. It’s best explained by this diagram:


(image credit source

Q: Do you have some great examples of lead generation pages, sales pages, and squeeze pages and what they should look like?
A: Yes, here is a great site that presents 36 different styles that are critiqued in detail to provide some exellent insight into how you should create an effective landing page for your customers.
View Landing Page Examples

Q: Should just reply on Google adwords to generate my traffic or should I use multiple paid networks?
A: It’s best to utilize multiple paid advertising networks for your marketing and not just paid advertising, but free methods as well. Other marketing methods to utilize would be SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, etc.

Q: How much traffic can you get me?
A: The traffic I can generate for your business strongly depends on first the amount of demand there is in the market place for what you have to offer. As long as there is a high demand for what you are offering then I can reach them using any or all of the paid advertising channels available in the packages I offer.

Q: Can you guarantee me traffic?
A: Yes. If it’s traffic only that you want then getting you traffic is something easily accomplished. The better question to ask is if I can get you customers who are in the market to actually BUY from you. If you want traffic, YES, I can guarantee that I can get you tons of traffic to your site in a matter of hours if that’s what you are wanting to accomplish.

Q: What is Google Adwords Pay Per Click advertising?

A: Google PPC is all about paying Google, the largest search engine in the world, to send YOU targeted buyers within record time so you can grow your business faster.

Having your own fine tuned, well oiled marketing machine established with Google Adwords is like having your gold mine in your backyard that you can tap into at anytime. Once your Google Adwords campaign is launched you can literally have your business in front of millions of targeted buyers in just a matter of minutes! Think about the power of that for a moment and what that can mean to your business.

Q: What is the easiest ways to create text advertisements?
A: There’s an excellent article on how to create fantastic text ad copy. Read about ad text writing here.

Q: How does Google PPC work?
A: The major elements of a successful pay per click campaign with Google consist of:

  1. A Marketing Budget:  You determine the budget you’d like to begin with. If you have never marketed your business online as of yet then setting aside 200-400 a month at minimum is a good place to start to test your offers out to discover what sticks. The budget you set aside each month will go toward paying Google each time someone clicks on your ad. For example if we are bidding .10 cents per click and 100 people click on the ads then the total you would spend would be $10 dollars. If you spend .40 cents per click and 300 people click on the ads I create for you in a day you would spend $120 dollars. The budget you spend per day can vary and is something we will discuss on our 1st phone consultation together after your order. The campaign with Google can be turned on or off at any time just like a fire hose. And the budget you spend per day is up to you. Once the budget is spent the campaign will automatically be on pause and then resume the next day if your monthly budget allows. The goal is to generate as many sales as possible out of 100 clicks, but when your campaign is launched for the first time we won’t know just how much traffic we’ll need to generate 1 sale so that’s where testing comes in. Your campaign will go through a number refinement steps to pin point the profitability level. Overall we can reasonable expect that at least 1 sale would generate out of 200 to 300 clicks to begin with as long as the offer is in demand, it’s targeted effectively, the traffic lands on a highly persuasive converting sale page and it’s easy for customers to check out and have the order successfully executed and fulfilled. All that may have sounded like a foreign language, so let me reassure you that you won’t have to deal with all that stuff. I will be managing all of these key factors for you with this service so you won’t have to worry about them.
  2. Landing Page: A landing page is any page on your website that you personally control. The best types of businesses to launch on Google Adwords are service related businesses and sites that sell either your own tangible products or products you retail and a shippers sends out to the customer for you (commonly known as drop-shipping). Membership sites also work great too. Affiliate marketing sites don’t work too well with Google especially if the entire site is affiliate based. If you have a few affiliate products on your site but 90% or more is drop-ship, services, or your own products then normally those sites are accepted and still work. If you have an affiliate site never to fear though, there are still plenty of other traffic generating systems you can launch your offers through to make great money through.
  3. Campaign Set Up: Each Google campaign consists of the name of the campaign, ad groups, text/image ads, tracking codes, and then keywords that trigger the ad to show with Google. The tracking codes will be placed in the appropriate areas with the landing and order and checkout pages to track conversion and other important data.

Top 3 Reasons to Pay for your Advertising

  1. Lightning Fast Business Validation / Customer Feedback: You want to find out NOW if people want your services or products, not weeks or months down the road. With paid advertising you can tap into the power of immediate feedback from people who are looking for your offers. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s better to spend a little right now and find out quickly if what you have to offer people actually want? Yes, it’s definitely the wise thing to do if you’re in the business of growing sooner than later. How frustrating would it be to spend months of your time and waste thousands of dollars down the road and then come to find out you’ve chosen the wrong idea, service or product? The truth is that most people do this and it’s no wonder they give up. So let’s help you avoid this pitfall  by working on validating your offers as fast as possible and optimizing it from there if it makes sense.
  2. Targeting Buyers: Paying for your traffic is by far one of the most effective methods on the planet that allows you to target your customer with great precision. I can set up targets for dates, times, sec type, location, behaviors, preferences and anything else depending on the paid network being utilized.
  3. Establish a Solid SEO Foundation for your Website: The final major reason to launch your Google PPC campaign today is to establish the top valuable keywords to use for your SEO (search engine optimization) so you can generate FREE traffic for months and years to come. And not only just any traffic, but traffic that you know is high quality with a high degree of converting (buying from you). This is huge.

Package Features

Monthly Updates via Phone:

After you register for a package below I’ll give you a call to schedule two calls the first month and then one update call each month thereafter for as long as you remain on our monthly marketing management package of $150. (click here to read details here). Our first monthly call together I will walk you through the setup process and the creation of your Google Adwords account setup (if you don’t already have one), along with gathering any other necessary information to successfully launch and manage the growth of your Google campaign. The second and subsequent calls each month I will call to discuss what changes are needed to your campaign and give you an overview of the month’s results!

Landing Page/Website Creation and Design Discount(if needed):

If you don’t already have a website or need a new one for me to drive Google PPC traffic to, you’ll need to get it set up asap. If you purchase a website design package from me the same time you purchase a Google PPC package I’ll give you up to a 15% discount on the total cost of the two. So assuming if you went with the Pro Google PPC package of $997 along with the Pro Website design package for $1,497, totaling $2,494 you would get a $374.10 discount bringing your discounted price to $2,119.90. Click here to view my website design packages.

ATTENTION: If you do not already have a website to drive traffic to you are not ready for my Google PPC management services. You’ll need to first get your website up and running first and then you’ll be ready to rock and roll. Click here to have me help you get your own website. If you’d rather you may call me at 801-709-1655 to discuss any questions you may have.

Keyword Research:

I will analyze your target market and choose the most relevant keywords needed to maximize conversion rates and ROI for your business.

Campaign Creation:

Once your Google account is created, I will begin the process of creating all of the necessary elements to run your ad campaign. You will have the option to run your own PPC campaign, or have me run the campaign moving forward for a monthly management fee.


Targeted Text Ads:

Creating a catchy advertisement for your PPC campaign is one of the most crucial factors in your entire PPC campaign. The ad is in essence the “bait” that is used to entice the prospect to take action. Each package consists of multiple ads comprising of highly relevant headlines and keyword rich text that sells the result of your product or service. The ads are aimed toward targeting your audience and leading them to your customized landing or squeeze pages on your website where your offers will be presented to them.

Conversion Tracking Integration:

Conversion tracking code will be integrated into all necessary landing pages to track conversion rates and learn what’s working and what’s not.

Monthly Ads:

Each month as I refine your campaign to boost your ROI, I’ll create new ad groups for the higher quality and valuable keywords in your campaign. In time each ad will become increasingly more relevant and targeted. Ultimately each specific ad within your campaign will be targeted to your audience based upon each keyword phrase that is the best performer.

Conversion Rate Optimization:

As I manage the results of your campaign, I’ll revise the content of your ads accordingly to help you see better results. The keywords will be organized and deleted where non-performers exist and then add new keywords as needed to boost your conversion rates which means more sales and more money in your pocket!

1- Check bids and budgets. I’ll raise bids on keywords with strong performance, profitable converstion rates. And lower or pause bids on keywords that deplete your budget with low or no ROI.

2- I’ll pause poorly performing keywords. I’ll look for keyword ouliers with Low ROI, and/or low quality scores and pause those keywords.

3- I’ll perform additional keyword research. I’ll add new keywords to extend your overall campaign reach to your target audiences. I’ll identify negative keywords to reduce wsteful clicks. And lastly I’ll experiment with different keyword math types.

4- Optimize ad text. I’ll write new text for the worst performing ads and then try testing out the following: a new headline, different calls to action, possible dynamic keyword insertions.

5- Improve campaign relevancy. I’ll split your largest ad group into two smaller, more targeted groups. I’ll create a new, more targeted landing page for the new ad group.

6- I’ll set goals that we can discuss to reach for the next month along with show off your progress made thus far.

Choose a Plan to Get Started:

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